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How to Relate With Non-Muslims As a Muslim


It’s fitting for a Muslim to realize how to relate with his non-Muslim companions, family members or neighbors in the present heterogeneous universe of our own. Non-Muslims – Christians and Jews – have been the friend of Muslims directly from the commencement of Islam. In Mecca and Medina; for instance, we have perceived how our honorable Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing of Allah arrive) relates with them generous. Thusly, realizing how to draw in and collaborate with them, be it grinding away, at home, or in your neighborhood isn’t over again; it’s a fourteenth century humanism discovered no place however inside the Quran and Sunnah. Following are five significant relationship controls that can assist you with communicating calmly and legally with non-Muslims:

  1. You Must Deal Justly with Them

Non-Muslims must be dealt with decently by Muslims. Christians and Jews aren’t foes to Muslims; thusly, Muslims must arrangement with them evenhandedly. The Holy Quran says: “Allah disallows you not, concerning the individuals who battle you not for (your) confidence nor drive you out of your homes, from managing benevolent and legitimately with them: for Allah love the individuals who are simply” (Quran 6:8).

  1. You Can Give Zakaat (Almsgiving) to Non-Muslims

There is nothing incorrectly in aiding the non-Muslims; indeed, there is a gigantic compensation in identifying with them and helping poor people and the penniless among them. Giving foundation and offerings to non-Muslims is a decent prudence of Islam that helps enormously in attracting the non-Muslims to Islam. The Quran says: “Zakaat is just to be given to the destitute, poor people, those utilized to gather (the assets); and to pull in the hearts of the individuals who have been slanted (towards Islam)… ” (Quran 9:60).

  1. You Can Congratulate and Exchange Gift with Them

You can praise your Christian companions, neighbors, or partners during their merry events. Truth be told, you can even trade endowments with them (on condition that these blessings are not unlawful, for example, being liquor or pork). You can welcome them on their X-mass or New Year celebration. This turns out to be all the more so a commitment, particularly if the non-Muslims offer their welcome to your Islamic event, for example, Eid Mubarak or Ramadan Kareem. The Quran says: “when you’re welcomed with a welcome, welcome consequently with what is superior to it or if nothing else return it similarly… ” (Quran 4:86).

  1. You Can Eat From Their Food

You can acknowledge and eat the food of your non-Muslim companions or neighbors. There is nothing amiss with that in Islam. The Quran says: “… The food of the People of the Scripture (Christians and Jews) is legitimate to you and yours is legal to them… ” (Quran 5:5).

  1. You Can’t Participate in Their Religious Festivities

You can salute the non-Muslims of their celebrations, trade blessing with them, and even eat from their food; yet you can’t take part in their strict dedicatory. This is haram (unlawful) in light of the fact that Islam doesn’t embrace such merriments. Ibn Taymiyah and his understudy, Ibn-ul-Qayyim, “embraced severe measures and limited the reasonability of Muslims’ cooperation in non-Muslims’ events”.

The connection among Muslim and non-Muslim is a solid one. A Muslim never accepts different strict followers as his foes; he considers them as his kindred people who have the right to be dealt with decently, prudently, and impartially.


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