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The Gift of Eid


‘Eid’ actually means festivity. It is a one of a kind, tranquil celebration from a religion that purportedly is set on crushing world harmony. Incidentally, the root expression of Islam implies harmony, making it one of the most misconstrued religions. Eid doesn’t recognize an occasion ever, yet requests a portion of penance every year – Ramadan. Fitr implies breaking a quick and thus ‘Eid-ul-Fitr’ characterizes the festival of the breaking of fasts, or the finish of Ramadan. An average Eid morning begins with washing and purging oneself followed by a light eating regimen of dates and sewai, generally. Individuals from all around the town, or city begin gathering at various mosques to offer their Salat (Prayer). Individuals sit in exhibits on the floor, or a field under the sky while the evangelist conveys his lessons. Hundreds and thousands of individuals bow together, under an Imam (minister) to the magnificence of an everlasting force, and when the supplications are done, the festival starts. There is no music, no move, no delighted cries, yet just individuals grinning as they embrace one another, and this maybe is the best part.

Billions of individuals all around the world grin to one another. Indeed, even broken hearts are retouched as phony grins turn certifiable all through. Inviting individuals with all the way open arms leaves no air out in the heart, of the recipient or the provider, and just surprisingly fast, the whole spot, the whole world is drifting in bliss. It isn’t the satisfaction you get when you purchase another telephone or visit another spot, it is the most perfect type of bliss, the one we were based upon. It doesn’t make a difference what your identity is, or where you are from, or what you are wearing, or what you look like, or regardless of whether you know somebody or not! On the off chance that you are sufficiently courageous to look, you will locate the most ecstatic inclination on the planet. Nobody is left forlorn on the ground, individuals will discover you, and individuals will embrace you! When you step into the stream, you will embrace individuals! Children, elderly people men, outsiders, adversaries, companions, it doesn’t make a difference who it is except if you are suffocated in rapture.

In reality as we know it where even ‘companions’ dismiss their faces taking a gander at you in the group, a scene loaded up with outsiders keen on imparting a lot of delight to different outsiders appears to be a fantasy, however it is valid. The veracity of the world transforms even the most hopeful into a worry wart. However, taking a gander at the scene reestablishes your confidence on the planet, in God. It’s a painting you wish to be in until the end of time.

In such an artistic creation there was a man named Rehan. The supplications had finished ten minutes back, however Rehan was not yet liberated from grasping his kinfolk. In a modest community like Gurudang, each man is a family. Being a senior English instructor at the St. Andrews School, he was notable all through – for his astonishing showing abilities, and considerably more for his kindhearted nature.

“It didn’t rain this time”, said a chubby man as he slid down the mosque’s steps.

“Everything God’s beauty”, Rehan grinned back.

“Valid! What’s more, how is everything else going on? I heard they raised you compensation this time”, he grinned.

“Gracious, the great days aren’t here yet”, he laughed.

“Be that as it may, there are heavenly sewai on the menu today, sir?”

“Obviously. They are hanging tight for you urgently in our home”, he grinned and took a gander at the southern entryway of the mosque as he made his exit, “Would you pardon me for a moment, I’ll go along with you later.”

“As salaam alaikum”, he welcomed a man close to the door. The man gave over, what appeared the last parcel of food, to the remainder of the hobos and turned around. He was nothing else of a man than he was a kid. White half-sleeved shirt with an imbricate example of dark jumbles on it, and a delicately concealed denim pants. It didn’t appear to be an Eid clothing. He grinned at Rehan and embraced him threefold after a handshake and stated, “Eid Mubarak.” His voice didn’t appear to be extremely cruel, however his activities were reasonable.

“I haven’t seen individuals appropriating food at the mosque in quite a while, and I presumably haven’t seen you before in the town either. May I ask what your identity is?” he said effortlessly.

“My name is Advay, and I’m not from this town. I’m from Rehalgarh, a city towards the east.”

“That is a”, he delayed, “a wonderful name. So what brings you here?”

“Eid”, he answered.

“Hello Rehan! How about we go”, somebody from behind shouted.

“I surmise I have to go” he said delicately, “Do you have any work now?”

“None specifically, my transport leaves at night, so I surmise I’ll be meandering around for quite a while” he glanced around at the spot and how it was gradually abandoning.

“You can go along with us at that point. I live close by, and all the more critically, you shouldn’t be separated from everyone else on an event as promising as this.”

He pondered for some time and indicated his advantage just by gesturing his head.

The completely opened door offered path to a comfortable room imparted with splendid white tiles with light dark befuddle designs on them, as though they were made to coordinate Advay’s shirt. There was just a single monstrous roof fan for the room.

“You may stay here”, Rehan pointed at the skilfully improved couch as he held up a little bowl from the table. He deliberately emptied some sewai into the bowl making a point not to soil the attractive decorative spread. “I may get somewhat occupied for the following half hour or somewhere in the vicinity, you cause yourself at home, to eat decisively”, he grinned.

In a steady progression, the visitors showed up in faultless kurtas and splendid topis. Their grins indicated how every one of them had a similar euphoria. Embraces and jokes occupied the live with energy. The climate was unique. Individuals entered, chuckled, sat and ate little of what they needed from the various dishes served on the table. Some took a gander at the banners and ancient rarities in little grandstands and clarified how delightful they looked. One of them pointed at a little dirt pot and clarified how he had gotten the equivalent from a companion who was in Mecca the earlier year. A large portion of the visitors appeared old companions of the instructor.

There were some who continued jabbering and some who stayed silent. Some lauded the food, some adulated the cook. Some said thanks to Rehan while some welcomed him to their home for the night. Be that as it may, the one thing normal in everything was the sheer bliss wherein they washed. Grins were irresistible and for one second out of a thousand, individuals overlooked their concerns, their status, their riches and their weaknesses. All individuals minded of was being glad. The perfect world exists in irregular subtle minutes, you can’t make these minutes, they simply occur. Everything you can do is luxuriate in their light and assimilate every last trace of them refiling your spirit for the ‘ordinary days’ to come.

Bit by bit, the group reduced and Rehan pounded down on the couch with a heave of help. He understood how he had completely ignored his welcomed visitor who currently sat directly next to him.

“Eid is a chaotic celebration”, he said gazing at the roof fan.

“Not in the city”, he answered.

“I don’t get your meaning?”

“You had such a significant number of guests here, and I’m certain there are more to come. In the city, we offer our supplications and return to our homes simply like you, however we don’t have numerous visitors. We eat our morning meals and sit in front of the TV. Meanwhile we have around three to ten visitors, who are generally individuals who visit us day by day. At that point we rest for some time and go to houses we were welcomed at night”, he deeply inhaled air, “Yours is an increasingly euphoric style.”

“We commend it with unbounded energy consistently.”

“So do numerous humble communities, where everybody knows everybody, the city is too huge to know itself”, he panted.

Rehan took a gander at him as he looked at the cyan dividers, “You have a pleasant house.”

“Much obliged to you. Be that as it may, you haven’t let me know yet what carried you to our humble community.”

Advay went to Rehan, glanced him in his eyes and stated, “I’m a voyager scanning for treasure.”

“Fortune?” Rehan was confounded.

“Indeed”, he shouted, “A learned Sufi holy person once disclosed to me that my fate is to discover love and disseminate it to the world.”

There was a snapshot of quiet which was broken by Rehan’s words, “Did he reveal to you where the fortune is?”

“He talked in rhymes and riddles. He said I would discover it on the third stone.”

“What’s more, where is that?”

“I don’t have the foggiest idea” he moaned.

“So you braved of your home trusting some unviable expressions of a Sufi?”

“Truly” he answered frightened.

Rehan took a full breath and proceeded, “Experience has instructed me that a lot of confidence consistently prompts disillusionment. You are youthful and have a whole life before you. I don’t have any acquaintance with you, yet I would recommend you to chip away at something feasible, that would guarantee you a made sure about existence.”

“There’s nothing of the sort as a made sure about existence. The excellence of life is in not recognizing what will happen tomorrow.”, he got up and topped off his bowl with flavorful dahi-phulki.

“Indeed there is, and it’s not hard to accomplish. I have seen numerous visionaries fall hard to the ground since they were excessively associated with gazing at the sky and not taking a gander at the ground. I show verse, I trust in dreams and enchantment, yet enchantment possibly happens when you are at the ideal spot at the ideal time, making the best choice. I lost a more youthful sibling years back on the grounds that I didn’t stop him, I was unable to assist him with finding a departure, and he was caught everlastingly”, he moaned, “You help me to remember him – youthful and guileless.”

“I am upset for you sibling”, he stopped as he sat on the couch, “My folks passed on in a mishap twelve years back. I had nobody left. The leased house was gone and I had no spot to live. I some way or another figured out how to make due for a couple of months securing little positions in the city, however I was becoming more vulnerable continuously. I at last chose to go to the Suma slopes and bounce off a bluff. I remained there at the edge, seconds from parting with my life, when a call halted me. It was the Sufi. A congested facial hair and gravely done hair gave him the presence of a poor person. He prevented me from surrendering and disclosed to me how God had an arrangement for me, how God had picked me to discover a fortune and afterward to part with it. There was enchantment in his voice, his breath some way or another ingrained quality in me. He additionally gave me his memento and asked me to possibly open it when I discover the fortune. He gave me something in a period where I had nothing. You may call it unviable, yet I will not repudiate it. I will and I will discover the fortune.”

No words were traded for a brief timeframe after his discourse.

“For what reason is it so quiet this Eid?” a man sang jolty as he went into the room.

“Obviously it’s you Rahim”, Rehan shouted in satisfaction, “When did you return?”

“Recently night”, his head moved continually as he talked.

“Have some pulao at that point” Rehan turned around.

“There’s no an ideal opportunity for that! We have to go”, he got Rehan’s shoulder.

“I have a visitor here” he took a gander at Advay, who was somewhat bustling composing something on a bit of paper.

“Gracious label him along, he would adore the rustic scene outside. Wouldn’t you?” he looked and Advay and snickered.

“I couldn’t imagine anything better than to”, he answered as he collapsed the paper keeping it in his shirt’s pocket.

A wide stream spilled out of one finish of the skyline to the next. The banks were somewhat busy with individuals either bustling angling or looking the cumulus above. The rest of loaded up with bushes and congested weeds. The two companions were caught up with conversing with each other respecting the light breeze while Advay clicked pictures. The discussion appeared to have finished and Rehan approached the kid.

“This is a delightful spot” Advay clarified, “What’s that at the opposite end?” he pointed at the high green dividers over the waterway.

“That is the burial ground” Rehan answered.

“Goodness” and a wheeze of air.

“Each Eid, Rahim and I approach this bank and invest some peaceful energy. I was identified with my sibling by blood, he, by adoration. We come here to admire him since the previous twelve years. His grave is directly at the mouth of that door” he pointed.

“Why not go in?”

A ghostly quietness filled the spot. His vibes represented him.

Advay thought for some time and answered, “Since the time I met the Sufi, I have been going near, and I have increased a great deal in doing as such. I have seen the solid tumble to their knees and I have seen the frail accomplishing wonder. One thing that I understood is that supernatural occurrences happen all over the place, constantly. We just observe a couple since we are available to a couple, since we like to remain comfortable, wilted in our customary ranges of familiarity, incognizant in regards to the magnificence of the world. I see how your sibling felt. He should not have been a great deal unique in relation to me. Assist me with finding the fortune and I guarantee you supernatural occurrences.”

Rehan gazed mindlessly at his face, he was driven into reexamining what was correct and what was definitely not. In the interim Advay took out the collapsed bit of paper and gave it over to him.

‘On the third stone untruths,

The best fortune of all,

Like reality shrouded in lies,

It isn’t seen by all.’

“What does this mean?” Rehan inquired.

“I have been attempting to interpret it since quite a while.”

“We can talk over it at my home”

“We’re using up all available time however.”

“Through my showing experience, I can say that individuals who talk in rhymes and puzzles don’t wish to express the self-evident, there’s consistently a more profound significance to the sentences, to each word utilized!” Rehan gathered the dishes as his visitor sat on the faultless couch “The third stone can be metaphorical, strict or simply nothing. To get it, we have to comprehend the setting of the words. Where and why they were composed.”

“The Sufi just charmed these to me as he influenced his head from side to side. He appeared to be strange, similar to he was conversing with God himself.”

“Well” Rehan put his arm around his jawline, covering his left cheek with his palm “Hold up here, I’ll return in a second” he strolled inside, into another room.

There were no inquiries regarding truth or lies, about critical or about set in stone in Rehan’s mind. He was simply caught up with rummaging for something when he heard a cry “HELP REHAN!”

He without a moment’s delay made for the room outside, however his visitor was no more.

“HELP ME!” trailed by another scream and the sound of an engine turning over.

He hurried outside to take a gander at his visitor being stole in his own vehicle.

“What occurred?” Rehan’s better half hurried outside.

“You remain inside with Fariq and lock the entryways tight. Close the windows as well, I’ll return in some time” he loped inside to get his bicycle keys and without a moment’s delay started following the ruffian.

‘What did simply occur? Is this a fantasy? By what means would something be able to like this happen out of nowhere? How did everything pace up so quick?’ such a large number of inquiries besieged his psyche instantly. He had no an ideal opportunity to ponder them, however one thing was sure, he could never let Advay get injured in any capacity possible. He finished the red vehicle the firm street and through the thick woods. The sky had become murkier and the breezes more grounded. As he pursued the vehicle through the shrubberies of vegetation, he started losing pace. The vehicle became littler and littler and he felt his grasp extricating. Out of nowhere an image of his sibling flashed in his cerebrum and he was available to all the obscurity he had kept bolted somewhere inside.

One memory accompanied a hundred more and a torrential slide of feelings was activated. He felt his sibling transient by and by as dread grasped his detects. Tears began spilling out of his eyes, in a steady progression. The mists were prepared to shower as well. He came through, after the tracks. He crossed the extension and took a gander at his vehicle left open outside a border. He left his bicycle in the mud and ran inside the entryway. “Advay!” He yelled as loud as possible.

He glanced around and saw a man resting in the mud with his back leaning against the divider and head confronting the ground. “Advay!” Rehan shouted as he shook him by the shoulder, “Would you say you are okay? It is safe to say that you are harmed? What occurred?”

“It’s not about what occurred. It is about what will occur” he transformed his head up and looked straight at Rehan.

“What?” he said in a gentler yet frightened tone.

“Glance around.”

It was an immense field secured with huge trees aimlessly focuses. Weak ways went around the field close by different swellings of the ground. Various swellings, similar to earth itself was prepared to blast open through each lump. A tremendous banyan tree remained at the middle while numerous peepal trees secured the environmental factors. The corrupted dividers were sufficiently tall to withstand gatecrashers and keep the ones inside safe from the neglected world. Rehan remained in the burial ground, he remained before his sibling’s grave. Rehan lay on his knees as he stoically gazed at the grave with an open mouth.

Advay strolled behind him and said “I found the fortune. Not today, however quite a while prior. I meandered randomly all through in a would like to discover the fortune. I met an exceptionally rich man who whined of not having any spare time. I met a poor man, who griped of not having enough cash. I met a VIP who was burnt out on popularity and overabundance love. I met a lost veteran who was sick of carelessness. I met an uneducated man hungry for information, and I met an educated researcher also suffocated in information. I met the bluntest and I have met the most shrewd, however in none, I discovered happiness.”

“When I was going in a train when a kid grabbed my memento and tore it open. The guardians apologized for quite a long time, yet the kid was giggling and grinning constantly. I investigated the memento, and it was vacant. I pondered it and understood, that satisfaction is in having nothing! It is in clutching nothing! It is in giving up. Satisfaction is in straightforwardness. Also, it is the most flawless type of fortune, it isn’t seen by all, much the same as a reality shrouded in lies. What’s more, my fate, my arrangement as chose by the divine beings, is to appropriate this fortune all through. You have to relinquish the torment you’ve kept dense inside. You have to cry with your sibling, for whatever length of time that you need, however let him go at long last. Else the torment will hurt both and bliss will never blossom, for you or for him. You have to see reality. You can cry now.”

The long lesson was sufficient to trigger the long gathering hurt. Detaches fell his face to the ground, one then another, at that point another and soon the whole field was under trickling water. The sky could no longer hold it as well. There was thunder that secured the bone-chilling cries of the man. The yells and shrieks were not heard by anybody yet the sky. The thunder was heard unmistakably by Rehan, and by all. There was no appearing end to this tempest. The downpour had raised the water level of the stream, while the cheerful voyager boarded his transport to proceed with his excursion on the third stone.


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